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Today is a possible alternative, this is our slogan.

About us

FORTOM CHIMICA has a long and important history that begins in 1984. Over the years it has assumed an important position at the local, national and international level in the recovery of industrial waste.
The process of continuous expansions, from the early days with the small evaporation plant in the first headquarter, up to the moving in 2005 to the current area with expansion of the plants, led FORTOM CHIMICA in 2020 to be part of the TAO AMBIENTE and TECNOCHIM group.
Therefore, contacting FORTOM CHIMICA for industrial waste management means relying on a serious and competent partner, able to manage waste in all its phases: from technical advice to storage, from recovery to the production and sale of regenerated chemical products.

Our Services

The plant is authorized to the storage and treatment of most of the types of waste present in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG,
with particular regard to the flows and production activities that generate wastewater with the presence of solvent.


Solvents (R2) are recovered and regenerated by evaporation, concentration, distillation and fractionation, rectification, filtration, phase separation and centrifugation processes.


Fortom Chimica can use the most important European incinerators.

Processing account

Fortom Chimica offers the toll manufacturing service for some flows.

Solvents marketing

As a result of the waste solvent recovery activity, Fortom Chimica is able to offer its customers high quality and purity regenerated solvents, single-component or mixed, suitable for reuse in various industrial sectors.

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