Tao Ambiente Group


Solvent Recovery

Thanks to thirty years experience and continuous investments aimed at improving the performances of the plants, FORTOM CHIMICA guarantees a cutting-edge industrial solvent recovery service.

The company receives waste every day, in bulk and packaged in IBCs and barrels, from the most diverse industrial sectors, which see solvents as a common denominator.

FORTOM CHIMICA offers its solvents recycling service to pharmaceutical, graphic, lexographic, tanning, automotive and paint and varnish companies, to name a few. For some flows it is also able to offer the toll manufacturing service with distillate yield based on the manufacturer’s technical specifications.

As a result of the waste solvent recovery activity, FORTOM CHIMICA is able to offer its customers high quality and purity regenerated solvents, single-component or mixed, suitable for reuse in various industrial sectors.

Thanks to strategic partnerships and collaborations with the most important Italian and European players, the company is able to supply chemicals and solvents, both pure and technical

Two specific production lines are entirely dedicated to the synthesis of chemicals and intermediates for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.