Tao Ambiente Group


Solvent storage and treatment

The plant is authorized to the storage and treatment of most of the types of waste present in the EUROPEAN WASTE CATALOG, with particular regard to the flows and production activities that generate wastewater with the presence of solvent.

Inside the plant, we carry out storage, treatment, re-packaging, grouping and mixing of waste, in order to make them recoverable or disposable with the lowest environmental impact; specifically, solvents (R2) are recovered and regenerated through evaporation, concentration, distillation and fractionation, rectification, filtration, phase separation and centrifugation processes.

In the plant, we carry out chemical-physical treatment (D9) on non-hazardous and hazardous liquid waste, through processes of filtration, centrifugation, stabilization with acids or bases, decantation and precipitation. The activities of amalgamation (D14) and mixing in derogation and not in derogation (D13) are also authorized through the operations of unpacking and repackaging, palletizing and digging, decanting and emptying.

FORTOM CHIMICA offers its recovery and rectification service not only on exhausted solvent-based wastewater but also on non-compliant products.
At the same time, in case the recovery is not possible, the company is able to offer its disposal service. FORTOM CHIMICA is part of the shareholding structure of one of the largest Italian incineration furnaces for industrial waste.